Corporate golf days are the best way for social and networking events organized by you. Make your golf day even better by booking a Golfer Girl to help promote your business or brand. Its like having a promotional staff member but instead a talented golfer who CAN play and talk golf!

Roaming Pro

Hire a buggy for us to fly around in. We will attend each group and have a shot or play the hole out with them

Raffle Golfer Girl for Charity

Raffle off a Golfer Girl team member to be won as an extra player for your group

Beat The Pro

Challenge the Golfer Girl on the tee of your choosing

Nearest to the Pin Challenge

Think you can hit it closer than Golfer Girl try the challenge

Games / Activations

We can handle another activation. Hire a cornhole game, chip into the bucket, spin the wheel, flick a coin and see which club it lands on to tee off with. If you have any other ideas we are more than happy to hear them

Club Challenge

Have your players use the opposite club, kids club or a spin the wheel to win a club to tee off with

Promote Your Brand

Are you planning to be hole sponsor at a golf event. Have a Golfer Girl or GG Promotions team member at your sponsored hole to promote your brand or company. We can hand out merchandise, business card draw, discuss what it is your company does with each group, we also tag your brand on our social media platforms as well.

Long Drive Pro

Take us on for the longest drive

Target Challenge

Organize a fun target to hit down the fairway. Each player can have a shot to win a prize by been the closest to the target.

Book a 4th

If you are stuck for a 4th player for your next golf day book a Golfer Girl to be apart of your team.

Buy a Shot

Buy a shot to have a better chance at been closer to the pin for your team.

Your Choice

If you have any other ideas that we don't have on our services options. We would love to hear from you.


The Golfer Girl team is there to achieve and strive to contribute raising money for your special Charity Golf Day. Charity golf days are not only a way to raise funds but they bring together people who share a passion for golf just like us. Charity Golf Days are our speciality. We are hired to help raise funds for the chosen charity. How do we raise funds? We do this by discussing an activation that’s going to raise the most amount of funds for the charity. This normally involves us:

Buy a Shot for Charity

Each group we interact with can pay to have us play a shot for each member or group. All funds go to the charity of your choice

Games / Activities

Flick a gold coin and see which club it lands near. Cornhole, Beer Golf Pong, Target challenge so many different games to be played even whilst golfing

Beat the pro

Pay to challenge us and raise money for your charity

Buy your score

Each group can pay for a hole in one, eagle, birdie or go crazy and buy a zero. This is the best way to raise funds for your charity

Raffle to win a Golfer Girl

Raffle off a Golfer Girl to be won as an additional player to your group. All proceeds raised from this raffle go to your charity of choice.

Nearest to the pin challenge

Hit is closer than Golfer Girl take on the challenge its for charity


We have an exceptional, professional and experienced promotional team ready for your next event. GG Promotions has over 150 casual staff who’ve individually has years of experience.

All activities and occasions we can provide the right team member for you and your brand. GG Promotions can handle all scales of golf events.

Group Bookings

Book more than two promotional staff for your golf event. Service of food and beverages, raffle ticket sales, model caddies and more. We can can cater to big numbers.


Do you need a promotional staff member at the registration desk for all your golf players to check in? We can help.

Games & Activations

All of our promotional staff can assist in playing different games on course. Such as corn hole, twister, club challenges, target hitting, chip off. If you have a game idea we create the fun!

Raffle Tickets

Our staff can take charge with raffle ticket sales by roaming around and engaging with your attendees.

Promote Your Brand

Have one of our highly experienced and professional promotional staff promote and represent your brand. Flyer hand outs, business card draws, we communicate with each group what it is you do, handing out samples or merchandise. Make it extra fun and add a game to play.

Food & Beverage

Whether it be one or multiple staff we can serve food and beverages to each of the golf players out on course. We all have our RSA’s! We also have a drinks cart buggy for hire. Hire the buggy and a staff member to drive it.



Golfer Girl tours have collaborated with Best Inn Travel. We have Tours for the Australian locals. Tours for everybody across the globe to come to Australia and play golf and see the sights that this beautiful country offers. Overseas tours for anyone to come join the Golfer Girl team and play golf internationally and enjoy different parts of the world.

Interstate Tours

Australian Golf Tours with Golfer Girl for the Aussies
Interstate Tours are for the local Aussies who would like to tour within Australia with one of our Golfer Girls. COMING SOON

International Tours

International Golf Tours with Golfer Girl
International Tours are for everybody around the world to join the team of Golfer Girl outside of Australia. COMING SOON

Australian Tours

Looking to come to Australia? Golf Tours with Golfer Girl
Australian Tours are for those who want to fly across the pond and enjoy the beautiful Aussie Golf Courses with the awesome Golfer Girl team. COMING SOON!